To turn today’s talents into tomorrow’s leaders, you need a good leadership development program. The purpose of this program is to train your most talented employees and turn them into valuable leaders that can achieve success even in the most challenging situations. There are two main challenges that companies face in terms of leadership development: identifying the employees that have the potential to be great leaders, and developing comprehensive leadership programs that can nurture and enhance the skills of the right candidates. However, in order to deal with these two challenges, you need to start from the bottom and work your way to the top. Follow our 5 steps for leadership success.

1. Find the right leadership style for your company

Each industry calls for different types of leaders. Some leaders need to be analytical, others need to be innovative. Moreover, the workflow of each business will define the company’s leadership needs. This step is the foundation of your leadership development programs, and in order to achieve the desired results, you must consider your company’s current needs, but also anticipate its future needs.

2. Identify the potential program candidates

A few decades ago, it was very common to hire from outside the company, when it came to leadership positions. Companies used to place a lot of importance on experience, because they didn’t want to go through the trouble of training people. However, things are a lot different nowadays. All industry leaders have realized the importance of promoting from within, because the inside experience is a lot more valuable than an outside experience. Moreover, any person has the potential to be a great leader with the proper training, and leadership is no longer just a matter that concerns executive positions.

3. Find the leadership challenges

To properly identify the leadership gaps within your organization, you need to determine the current and future leadership requirements, compare those requirements with the current human resources, identify the leaders who are a flight risk, create promotion plans for the leaders that are at the risk of leaving and identify the skill gaps and the necessary time for filling those gaps.

4. Monitor the results of your programs with the Executive Coaching Software

Once you have put together a leadership coaching program, you need to accurately track and monitor the results of all coaching activities. You can do this by using an Executive Coaching Software, a tool that helps you analyze all coaching engagements that take place during your organization, while tracking and processing key performance indicators like staff morale, reduced turnover, innovation, cost resurrections and so on. Tracking all this data will help you monitor the actual business impact of your leadership programs.

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