It’s common knowledge that in terms of getting the best possible deals and superior service, it is wise to go direct. If you’re on the market for bespoke adhesive products for example, it’s possible to obtain everything needed both directly from the manufacturer and through a world of resellers. According to 3M tape suppliers, more resellers than ever before are emerging all the time, using the web to set up their pseudo-businesses on the side.

Sadly, to work with middlemen is to deprive your business of the comprehensive customer service, expertise, low prices and special promotions that would otherwise be offered as standard when buying direct. Nonetheless, large numbers of brands each and every day find themselves dealing with third-party resellers, having been led to believe they were in fact the actual manufacturers.

So for anyone who would rather enjoy the rewards of shopping direct and ideally avoid dealing with middlemen at all, here is a short guide of some the most effective and immediate ways of recognising which is which:

1 – Website Scope and Depth

First up, one of the easiest and most effective ways of verifying whether or not a particular seller/brand is the real deal is to check if they know what they’re talking about. Put simply, it should be immediately obvious from the depth and scope of details and information provided on the website whether or not they are legitimate. If for instance there is an abundance of details regarding their products, their core specialism, their affiliates and partners, their success stories and so on, it becomes quite evident this is indeed a solid brand. If by contrast, there is very little information in terms of the business itself, what and why it does it, you could be dealing with a reseller.

2 – Universal Professionalism

The same is also true for universal professionalism as it is not exactly tricky or expensive these days to operate a relatively professional webpage. Therefore, there is really no excuse for lacklustre websites the likes of which present the brand as anything but professional, let alone an industry leader. There are no special yardsticks to keep in mind or intensive verifications to carry out, simply trust your gut and ask yourself if the business really presents itself with the appropriate professionalism.

3 – Delayed Response

Another very effective way of verifying whether or not you are dealing with an actual adhesive products seller is to contact them and ask a few questions. The simple fact is that if you’re working with people who know what exactly they are talking about, they will be able to reply to your questions with no delay whatsoever. Not only this, but they should be able to offer you an immediate quote for whatever it is you require. By contrast, when you’re dealing with resellers, it is much more likely that they will not be especially versed in all details of the subject and relaying your queries elsewhere.

4 – No Feedback

It is simply a case of proactivity and common sense these days to make sure that testimonials and feedback are read and considered before going ahead and placing an order with a specific seller. In general, there are only two types of brands out there for which feedback is absent from the equation – the downright dodgy businesses, the other being the resellers. Whichever way you think about it, there is really no way of verifying exactly how professional or otherwise a provider is until you check out the opinions of people who have dealt with them personally. So if there is no feedback at all to found, you will be taking a risk by going further.

5 – Contact Details

Last up, another easy way of quickly identifying which of the suppliers out there are in fact third-party resellers is to check their contact details. If it is a reliable, established and reputable business, they will have a registered address, phone number, email address and so on. By contrast, it it’s just a random individual working in their back bedroom as a means by which to earn some extra money, you will no doubt find only a residential address, mobile telephone number, Yahoo email address and so on.

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