What does a nurse, a police officer, a teacher and someone who works in the airline crew has in common? They can influence people’s life in a particular way and without these jobs we cannot imagine our society. And if you want to know why, just try to think for a second: who is the person who helps you when you suffer from a health problem and you have to go to the hospital? Who is the one that makes you feel secure when you walk on the streets? Who helps you understand all the information that seems so complicated and to become a more responsible adult? Who is the one that takes care that you arrive safe at your destination when you have to take a plane?

Tax refund – the best solution for saving money

But all these people who work in these domains don’t only have responsibilities and duties, but also some advantages. And this is the reason why they can ask for a tax refund, if they have to do some activities using their own money. So, if you work as a teacher, a police officer, in the healthcare domain or in the aircraft crew, here they are some important aspects that you have to know if you want to get your money back by using the services of a company that deals with tax refund in UK.


Know your rights and get your money back!

Firstly, you have to know an important aspect which is related to your work clothes. If you have to wear a special uniform and your job doesn’t allow you to wash it at your working place, you can ask for a tax refund for doing this activity home. For example, those who are healthcare workers (ambulance staff, nurses, midwives, health assistances, hospital orderlies, pharmacists, hospital receptionists or hospital security guards), can receive between £60 and £140 per year for laundering their uniforms. And if your uniform includes also wearing some special types of shoes, you can claim from £6 to £12 per year for buying these items (this money represents the cost of the shoes).

This thing applies in the case of police officers, teachers and airline staff too, but the money can vary from one job to another.  For example, those who work as cabin crews or airline crews are more advantaged because they can receive over £700 a year.

Secondly, if you want to claim a tax refund, you should know that you can get money back if you have to travel with your own car to a different location for business purposes. For example, if you are a nurse and you have to go visiting your patients you should know that you can receive a certain amount of money. But you should keep the records of mileage travelled as a proof for this fact. You can ask up to £45 per mile. The same thing applies to teachers who have to travel outside their normal commute. On the other hand, there are some advantages for cabin crews who had to take some vaccinations or to pay for some visas, using their own money in order to be able to travel.

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