If you care a lot about prices, sales and shopping in general you are reading the right mini-guide. When making a huge investment – like the one a car would require – you will want to know each and every thing about the item you are buying so you will make sure it is reliable and it’s an investment worth making. Well, when choosing what car to buy is quite a challenge, because there are more and more offers on the market right now and your budget is pretty limited.

One of the cars that would be able to meet all your expectations is the Nissan Leaf. Even though you might act surprised because everyone knows that the new Nissan Leaf isn’t exactly what you can call cheap, you should know that you are able to buy a car which previously had an owner. This means that its performance and looks have been preserved in a good way and there is nothing you should worry about. You can buy a Nissan Leaf for sale online at Edmunds. Here are some of the specifications of this car that will convince you it truly is the right option.

Basics and mechanical

Given the fact that this car can cost up to $35000, it is ideal to look for used variants of it. It is a hatchback type of car with four doors that can transport five passengers. The engine is quite special: an 80Kw synchronous motor with a single speed reducer type of transmission and gas pressurized absorbers for shocks. The electric-power assist steering system combined with the regenerative four-wheel brakes make the driving experience both safe and enjoyable.

Entertainment and safety

For entertainment you will be able to u se the NissanConnect system that the brand included on all of their cars and the compatible mobile apps. This is why the navigation system on this car is very performant and it doesn’t require much knowledge in order to use it. The platform is user-friendly and intuitive. Plus, it is equipped with multitouch control and voice recognition so you don’t have to use complicated buttons. There are specific USB ports for iDevices and a remote connection system for the vehicles. The LCD monitor is comfortable to watch and doesn’t make your eyes tired, even in the night. The adjustable lighting also helps you drive comfortably at any given moment.

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