Choosing gifts for business partners and clients can prove to be a lot tougher than choosing gifts for your loved ones. When giving gifts to clients and business partners, there are certain rules that you must follow to make sure that your gifts will be appreciated and that they won’t offend anyone. To make sure that the gifts you go with will be a success, read the following lines to find out what is the business gifts etiquette.

Make sure you include everyone

A common mistake that can cause you a world of trouble is to forget to include everyone on your gift giving list. Therefore, make sure that you include all the clients and partners. Otherwise, the ones that you forget about might feel insulted and left out. To ensure that this won’t happen to you, write a list days before you go shopping, and take your time when writing it to not forget anyone.

Follow the corporate guidelines

To follow the business gifts etiquette properly, you should check with the human resources department to find out which are the corporate guidelines. It’s important to do this because a lot of companies have strict policies when it comes to gift giving. For example, in certain companies, it’s not allowed to give gifts that are associated with a certain gender. In these companies, you won’t be able to give your male clients and business partners electric shavers. Therefore, before you head to the store and spend your money on electric shavers, make sure that this gift follows corporate guidelines.

Take an interest in the hobbies of your partners and clients

A great way to ensure that you will give the perfect gift to your clients and business partners is to take an interest in their hobbies. This way you know for sure that the gift will be appreciated. For example, if some of your clients or business partners are passionate about golf, you can give them gifts related to this sport. The best gifts for golf enthusiasts are golf swing analyzers and golf rangefinders. Golf swing analyzers, as well as golf rangefinders, help players improve their game, and there’s surely room for improvement in this challenging sport. Therefore, your well-thought gifts will certainly be used and appreciated.

Establish a budget

Last but not least, you must establish a budget. When establishing the budget for the gifts that you will give to business partners and clients, set an equal sum of money for each of them. This way you avoid spending more money on the gift that you give to a certain client as opposed to how much you spend for the gift of another client.

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