Whether we are talking about residential or commercial properties, manufacturers provide a wide range of roofing materials on the market. Therefore, buyers have the opportunity to select the right option that suits their needs and preferences while meeting their quality requirements for a convenient price. It sound impossible, but it is actually true, not to mention about the sales and discounts that you can take advantage of in certain seasons of the year. Repairing or replacing a roof can become an affordable expense nowadays if you know how and when to cut costs, especially for businesses. The most common roofing material that you can find in stores or online for your building structure include slate and tiles, asphalt shingles, wood shakes, metal roofing and probably the most popular option for commercial properties, flat roofs. Apparently, this type of roofing is not only financially friendly, but also easy to install. Is this the reason why business owners choose it for their properties?

Advantages related to installing a flat roof

This article has the purpose to disclose the benefits and drawbacks of installing a flat roof, also known as low-slope roof. After comparing the both categories, we will be able to determine if this type of Minneapolis commercial roofing truly deserves the great amount of attention displayed by investors. Obviously, the low cost represents the first and probably the most important advantage of all. Some business owners have a certain budget allocated for each project and they cannot afford to exceed it. This explains why the majority of them direct their attention towards low-slope roofing. You can find the materials in any specialized store and you can receive professional installation services without breaking the bank. Even though this type of roofing is quite affordable, you still need to shop around in order to get the best price. Another major perquisite brought by flat roof is the ample space available. After the installation process, you have the chance to decide what you want to do with all the free space. If you embraced the trend “go green” and you want to show it to all your customers and competitors, you can grow vegetation or create a rooftop garden. Finally yet importantly, you will have full access to the roof because compared to other roofing types, is not hard to reach.

Disadvantages that come with a low-slope roof

Unfortunately, the reality is that flat roofing does come with a few drawbacks. For some people, they are not important, but others might want to know about them. First, before choosing this type of roof, you have to take into consideration the climate in your region because low-slope roofing does not allow proper drainage. Therefore, when climbing on the roof, you will most likely find bodies of water and this might become a problem on the long term because the water will inevitably damage the material. Secondly, the truth is that you do not have a big variety of options on the market when it comes to flat roofs meaning that you will not enjoy versatility.

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