Your direct mail marketing campaign isn’t working, is it? You’ve made great efforts and you simply don’t understand why everything has been in vain. The reason why your direct mail marketing campaign hasn’t been successful is that you have used inefficient packaging. It has never crossed your mind that the envelope influences the recipients.  Well, it does. People take a quick look at the envelope and decide whether or not to open it. The envelope is the most important part of the direct mail marketing campaign. And the hardest one. We are not talking about choosing a standard number 10 envelope size. What you need is an envelope that grabs prospects’ attention. This is how to get your prospects to open your mail.   

Place an irresistible message

If you want your prospects to literally rip open the envelope, you have to make sure to insert a compelling message. The title should describe the main idea of your mail but at the same time be irresistible. Before you write the headline, you have to think of the following things:

  • What it’s in for the reader
  • What makes your offer stand out
  • What should the recipient do next

Simply put, you have to address a call to action statement, not forgetting to mention what makes your business different and what benefits you provide. The headline is everything in direct mail marketing. When choosing yours, write as many as you can and pick the winner. As surprising as it may seem, some writers write as many as 50 before deciding on one. The placement is equally important. The address is the first thing that the prospect will read, so place the message in that area. The receiver will be really curious if you include the word “free”.

Choose the right envelope

There is a right type and a wrong type of envelope for a direct email marketing campaign. Mention has been made earlier about the number 10 envelope. This is the ideal choice because it tells the recipient that whatever is inside, it is of business nature. People are more likely to open regular business envelopes than those that look like the rest of the mail. The style of the flat paper container is just as important. An envelope with double side seams, for instance, provides more room for promotional materials. When choosing direct mail marketing envelopes, choose wisely.

Think about using involvement opening devices

One sure way to get your envelope open by prospects is to use involvement opening devices, like stickers, scratch-offs, and coins. As the name suggests, these techniques establish a connection with the recipient, making them not want to skip the promotion. Not only do involvement opening devices work, they also justify their price.

Send handwritten envelope   

If none of the tricks enumerated in this article have worked, you have no choice but to start writing letters with your own hands. The human touch is effective, probably the most effective one. Sure, it will take some time to get the task completed, but when your sales go up, you will be grateful you took the time to do it.

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