No matter how good you are at cutting hair, if you do not attract and retain new clients, you will not advance in your career. Building a loyal clientele does not happen overnight. In fact, it takes time, patience and financial investment. Simply put, as a hairstylist you will struggle when it comes to building a clientele. If you genuinely want to make it in the beauty industry, you need to get your act together. You have to make efforts to promote yourself. Waiting around for someone to come to your hair salon is the last thing you should do. This is not the retail industry. If you are at a loss, use the following building clientele techniques.

Make sure the few customers you have are happy

A key to attracting new clients is to keep the existing ones happy. If they are happy with your services, clients will speak highly of you to their family and friends. Innovative technology like MyCuts app will help you keep your salon clients happy. But how? Well, the app allows you to keep a record of their preferences. Things like remembering their favorite hair color or their preference for a neck rest after the hair wash will help you win them over. Also, make sure to ask your clients how they are doing. Talking to people gives you the chance to share information about you, your capabilities and it will make you look war. Not only will they come back to the salon, but also they will recommend you to others.

Have a business card ready

If you want new clients in your chair, you need to get a business card. Despite the advanced communications of the 21st century, business cards are still necessary. These tools offer an easy way for people to get in touch with you. If you do not have business cards, it is time you got some. Considering that you are at the beginning of the journey,  you do not need to include quotes or pictures. Resume to having your name and contact details imprinted. Do not forget about your social media profiles.

Use an email marketing campaign

Email marketing is a must for your marketing efforts. Most companies nowadays exist thanks to email marketing campaigns. Their success is not due to SEO or sales enablement. As a hairstylist, you will greatly benefit from an email marketing campaign. You have the opportunity of keeping your clients engaged and getting them to click to your website. Thanks to salon software, creating and managing email marketing campaigns has never been easier. While not all apps let you send emails, MyCuts app does. To make sure that email marketing works well for your hair salon, keep your email subject line concise and include plenty of professional tips.

The way you promote yourself as a hairstylist can make the difference between working for celebrities and switching careers. If you want to build your existing clientele, use the above mentioned tips. They really work.

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