If your marketing strategy doesn’t seem to pay off or bring your hair salon more clients, don’t blame marketing as a whole, but your strategy. If your only strategy is a small ad in the local newspaper, this won’t increase the work volume that your salon has nor it will make out of your establishment a notorious one. But, maybe if you consider implementing a more complex strategy and maybe even some smart tools that will help you increase your client referral and retention rates. Below are some smart marketing tips to follow if you want to perfect your marketing efforts.

Consider a referral discount strategy

Most people love recommending their favourite hairdresser to their friends. Why not boost this by also offering small discounts for those clients who refer you to other friends and acquiesces? Make sure that your clients receiver something in return for advertising your business. An SMS or e-mail is highly appropriate and make sure that you let your client know what amount are they going to have off their next visit and why is this happening. They will certainly enjoy your thoughtfulness and recommend you to even more people.

Increase your efforts by investing in smart software

While this will not influence directly your marketing efforts, there is a strong correlation between being able to offer better and better services and your marketing efforts. Consider a client scheduling app and implement it in your salon’s internal workflow. With plenty of options on the market, you can start researching the best one. Specialists suggest an app similar to https://www.mycutsapp.com/ since it includes most of those features that you need. Smart apps will prevent you from forgetting about appointments, and once you make an appointment, the system will be updated. Also, such apps will allow you to keep a close eye on your stock, which will allow you to make sure that you never run out of so-needed products right before your appointments. Clients will end up being even more pleased with your attention and salon’s services and the client referral rates will increase consistently.

Social media is your best ally

For businesses, social media is a goldmine. It allows you to show off your staff’s skill, to engage with the customer and advertise your services, products, even events. It doesn’t cost any money, and you only have to take several pictures of your latest hairstyles, hair colours and so on. Pick a platform which suits you best. There are plenty, but many have found that Facebook and Instagram seem to show the best effects when it comes to customer engagement.

These are three small tips that will help you perfect your marketing efforts and to create a stronger brand on the local market. Keep in mind that clients oftentimes appreciate those establishments that show respect for their time and money, but also that are willing to experiment and create new marketing approaches. Combine the three strategies and see how your marketing efforts start to pay off.

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