Nowadays, the internet is the primary source of information used by the majority of people all over the world. It is also a great way to promote products and services in creative marketing campaigns. You can find anything you search for with a simple click, but damage and hacking are also very easy, especially if the settings are not very strong concerning privacy and identity. Keeping everything safe on the internet is very important since everyone can be a target, from a simple individual to small and big businesses and governmental websites and databases.

Protecting the identity and privacy

Not having strong secure shields when it comes to identity and privacy can be a real issue because everybody can see personal data and even steal them. The worst part is, if it does not directly have repercussions on a website or a personal profile, it may never be tracked. This internet of things is so vast that finding whoever hacked something can be very hard and, if they are really good, it can be impossible. So, it is very important to secure privacy and identity information that is on line and keep an eye on unusual activity.

Data protection against theft

Hackers don’t necessarily only steal important data from companies and governments, but they also steal things like personal photos, videos or other documents from simple individuals that they might be able to use for illegal purposes. It is important to secure your digital property and install datasikkerhet shields or simply store them on third party devices. Marketing strategies involve important data that has to be kept secret until release because it is intellectual property that once leaked, might be used for other purposes.

Viruses and malware

The lack of security on a computer not only exposes it to property theft, but to damage as well. Viruses and malware can disrupt the functions of a computer and even erase important information. Some hackers are not necessarily after stealing digital property, but more after damaging and interrupting communication and work. Besides informasjonsikkerhet there is also required to have a strong antivirus program that can keep your computer and data safe, so you can continue your work.


In order to protect the identity, confidentiality and data it is important to have strong privacy settings on every account and on the computer, strong passwords and the possibility to log in using multiple steps. It is also important to secure all the devices with a powerful antivirus program, anti-spyware, anti-malware and a firewall that can let you know of unusual activity in programmes that you did not use. A basic thing to do to avoid malware and theft is to not access untrustworthy links and to not share personal data (including financial data like card numbers, passwords and so on) on websites that do not seem secure (only buy products or services from certified sellers that you can verify and pay attention to scams).

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