When it comes to the order fulfilment industry there are countless options from which to choose, but ISTS is one of the clients’ favourites. Why do people choose this company? One reason is that they respect their promises. They have a team of professionals who have great experience in the market, and they work continuously to improve the services to meet the needs and requests their clients have. ISTS is aware that the freight market is in a continuous change, and they have to upgrade their services regularly, to remain successful in the competitive industry they are working.  Their main purpose is to offer high-quality services at affordable prices. If it were to compare their rates with the ones of their competitors, it is easy to notice that they are highly competitive. The clients get the best of their money if they collaborate with ISTS.

ISTS offers a wide array of services, starting with mail forwarding and order fulfilment. They offer order fulfilment services to companies that need to ship their products worldwide. According to the requirements of the clients, they make sure to customise the services because they know that every company is unique and they have unique needs. They want to show their clients that they put the greatest value on the money they earn, and by offering exquisite services, they manage to keep their promises. On their website Parcerly.com, clients can find more details about the shipping services ISTS offer. When they created their freight services, they made sure they are efficient and productive, because their clients would come back, only if they would benefit from innovative solutions.


All their processes are designed having in mind certain aspects; they need to utilize the resources in the best way possible, save money and save time. They have taken advantage of the latest technological upgrades to improve the performance of their services. They are using the latest equipment and programs in the industry, because only if they keep up with the latest upgrades they will be able to maintain their competitiveness.


ISTS is aware that companies have difficulties in choosing their freight partner, because they have to hand their products to a third party.  In order to offer their clients peace of mind, they keep them up to date with every step of the process. The client receives information about the delivery, the order fulfilment performance numbers, the outgoing shipments, and the payments accepted. They consider their clients equals, and they do not offer preferential treatment to some of them. It does not matter if one of the clients books more expensive services than the other, they all will receive the same high-quality services. When the clients have questions about the services this company offers, they can contact them through different means. Based on the preferences of the customer, they can reach ISTS by email, online chat, fax or phone. Because they are using transport management systems, they are able to complete their operations easier. The communication process is quite facile and the client can easily change the delivery schedule, if something changed in their preferences.

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