When you start a business it’s hard to make yourself noticed by the consumers. Also, a small business is pretty hard to get recognition from the people without proper advertising. Therefore, you have to make your business more visible to the people for them to become your customers. No matter the type of business that you have, you must read the following lines. Here you will learn some great low budget advertising ideas that will surely bring you success if you apply them.

Create a Facebook page for your business

Most people have a Facebook page. You can use this to your advantage. Create a Facebook account for your business and add it to your personal account. Fill the Facebook page of your business with useful information about it, and keep it updated with promotions and events that unfold over time. This advertising strategy will surely earn you a lot of customers because the people in your Facebook list will see it and add it to their contacts. The account will then spread out and become more and more popular. The fact that they will have your business on their Facebook accounts will keep them updated with everything that is happening and they will surely appeal to your services, or buy the products that you are selling.

Distribute flyers

Another great and cheap way to advertise your business is to distribute flyers with the name, location, and details of your business. You can do this yourself or hire young people to distribute them. Go to crowded locations in the city to be able to reach as many people as possible, and hand these flyers out to them. This will make the people aware of the existence of your business and they will definitely appeal to your services once you do this.

Advertise on a local radio station

To appeal to the people in your local area and to make them aware of your business, you could advertise your business on a popular local radio station. This advertising strategy won’t cost you a lot. Also, the people will get to hear important details about your business like its location and what it has to offer multiple times per day. After all, everyone listens to the radio when they’re on their way to work, and whenever they go shopping. Therefore, use this to your advantage and let people know about the existence of your business.

Advertise in a local newspaper

Last but not least, a great low budget business advertising idea that you could try is to place an ad in a local newspaper. While the newspaper isn’t as popular as the social media networks are, it doesn’t mean that no one buys them anymore. If you have a store you will have a lot to gain from this advertising strategy. Old people have remained faithful to reading the newspaper, and they all have to shop once every couple of days. Therefore, by advertising in a local newspaper, you will make them aware of the existence of your store.

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