Finding an affordable marketing idea that is also easy to implement, may be, in many cases, a hard task. That’s why business owners struggle with finding an idea that won’t leave a hole in their budgets and be effective at the same time. Fact is some of the best marketing ideas are only a few clicks away. Starting with graphic pavement signs and continuing with social media platforms, they all work wonders. Below we have some details on them.

1. Pavement signs are affordable and effective

If you want to increase the footfall in your shop, then consider investing in pavement signs. Those are those signs that you see outside shops, advertising amazing promotions and offers. Also, you can easily place these signs indoors, to signal offers in certain departments of your shop. The great thing about them is that they are affordable and very efficient. Personalise them so they fit the philosophy and approach of your company and see how more and more individuals will cross your shop’s doors. Increased footfall will oftentimes translate into increased sales, even if they are not at the products that you advertise in your pavement sign.

2. Create social media accounts for your company

If you want a free advertising method for your company, create social media accounts, on all social media platforms that you know. This is a great way to advertise your products in a highly effective manner, because you can create a profile which will put your company and products or services in the light that you prefer. Advertise your offers, make explanatory videos so you attract all types of learners. It has been proven that official profiles that feature corporate videos have an increased number of audience and experience increased sales after implementing such strategies.

3. Update your business cards

Yes, the small business card is still a forceful advertising tool. Only make sure to invest in personalised cards, so they represent better your philosophy and approach. They will create a larger impact on your collaborators and clients and it has been proven that people generally appreciate an inventive and original approach on the simple business card. Take example for those who have mastered the task of creating inventive business cards. See which collaborator created those and ask them to create some great cards for you as well.

These are some amazing advertising tips that will help you grow in an effective manner on the local market and differentiate your business from the others. The best approach you could implement is a mix of the three ideas above as they will supplement each other in a very effective manner. And make sure that you remember that pavement signs, although they are an old approach, they are still a highly effective one, maybe the most effective when it comes to increasing the footfall in a physical store. Also, pair them with social media accounts and witty business cards, and you will see how the numbers start to grow.  

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