When advertising a service or a product, the main goal is to bring it to the masses’ attention and to find out more about the company that made it. Advertising is the best way to connect with people and sell your products. Having a market full of products, it’s absolutely necessary to use the right technique that will increase the sales of your product. In this article, we will talk about the most popular advertising techniques used by the companies worldwide.


People always get excited about coupons, sweepstakes or gifts when they purchase all kinds of things. In this manner, the company encourages the relationships that are built between them and the customers, while attracting them to get something for free.


This advertising technique is very efficient and is based on the memory of the customers. The fact that people hear more than once the name of a product or of a service, they will get to the point in which they will want to buy it. The television is one of the best ways to make this happen and adding interesting and captivating sounds or dialogues will definitely bring the product to the customer’s attention.

Person to person ad campaign

This type of ad campaign is made by hiring people who will make sure that the company’s product will be presented to the people. Although this advertising strategy may be more expensive, it will ensure instant results.

Association with a famous person

Introducing a famous person in the advertise creates a strong psychological connection in the mind of the customer. Look, for example, at sporting equipment companies that associate their products with successful athletes. Another example is the cosmetic companies that use celebrities to represent their products. These ads raise an emotional response in customers, making the products presented by famous persons more attractive.

Internet campaigns

The internet is one of the most widely used strategies because it has a great popularity among the users. This method helps post advertises on various websites. The strategy is mainly based on the popularity of the website and numbers of users of the specific website. We can say that this technique became one of the most popular during the last years.

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