Owning a business that’s less common can lead to trouble when referring to marketing. Promoting a company that the public is not used to or doesn’t know much about can be tricky if not choosing the correct methods and strategies to do it. Usually, people tend to choose services and products from companies that work in common fields. These are companies that have a wide target market and don’t encounter any issues when it comes to making their products and services more popular. In the case of less common businesses that have a limited target audience, things can be more complicated. This article should be a short guide that enlightens entrepreneurs who deal with such situations in an understandable manner. Here are the tips you want to know:

Limited target audience

Let’s say your business does particle size characterization. Not many people know about that, so why would you spend money on promoting the company to everyone? You need target marketing. Omitting other people when you know for sure that they wouldn’t purchase your products or services means saving money and time. This is the reason why you have to clearly specify the characteristics and interests of your potential clients.

After that, you can start targeting your marketing strategy on these people only. Learn more about market segmentation and how to build a customer profile based on demographic data. In case you can’t handle this task, hire a marketer who can help you out determine your core customer group. The rest can be done on your own.

Shoestring budget

Small companies, especially less common ones, usually work with a shoestring budget. In order to respect that budget and not reach bankruptcy because of a marketing campaign, you have to get work done by yourself. Hiring a marketing company to do the job for you might be extremely expensive and they will consider the fact that your products and services are difficult to promote, adding charges to the final price. You simply need to gather information related to this topic and you’ll be able to promote the company all by yourself, with less money than you expect. The best possible way to promote your business would be in the online environment, using quality content.


Considering that not many people are familiar with the services or products you offer, you can try to explain better through content. Content marketing is a great option for people who would like to obtain quality results in a short period of time. The downside about content marketing is that not everyone is able to write in a persuasive manner so that the respective content attracts customers. You may be required to hire a copywriter and an SEO specialist to create an online presence that cannot be ignored. Keywords can do wonders if you know how to use them, so it is worth a shot. Plus, you may be raising awareness on your domain of work and attract more people towards it.

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