Take a look online, you will see that classifieds are everywhere. When you check out your favorite website, you see them. When you open the search engine, you see them in form of pay per click ads. And lately you see them when you check your Facebook account, and when you visit a friend’s page. Also, they are present on forums and blogs. Therefore, if you run a business you should consider investing in classifieds, because they guarantee the success of your company. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is to choose the website where you want to post Zimbabwe classifieds for your business, because it is important to choose one that targets the type of customers you are interested in reaching to. When you are decided, you should start creating the classified. And if you have no idea what this implies, you should check the following steps.

Create a great headline

If you want to make sure that your ad will sell, then you should pay attention to the way you create the headline. When we say that your ad will sell, we refer to the fact that the customers will be interested to find more details about the content of the post, and they will read it entirely. When the reader consider that, you have something to say, you have almost convinced them to purchase from you, so the following step would be to offer quality products. So the rule is to create a headline that grabs attention. Also, you should stay away from sensational headlines that have no connection with the content of the post, because in this way you will simply create negative ad for your company. On the short term this strategy will work, because people will want to find more, but in time, it will damage the integrity of your firm.

Check the body copy

When you design the body copy of the ad you have to make sure that you call the reader to action. This means that you have to convince them to click the link to your website. But before you ask them to visit your page, you have to offer them some good reasons to do it. In the majority of cases, it is advisable to offer the reasons in form of benefits, because this is what people are looking for. The body of your ad has to inform people what you offer and how they will benefit if they will choose your company. People are not curious to find more details about every company on the market, they want to see the list of features your service or product has and to decide if they want to use it.

Call your readers to action

When you create a classified for your company, the purpose is to make them click on the link in the ad. So the form of the call to action is important, because it has to include the benefit. For example, “You can say save time/money if you click here”. You have to tell them clearly, what they will get if they will visit your website.

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