Over the years, educational institutions began to act more and more like a business and colleges and universities started to utilize marketing strategies to attract a greater number of students. To gain students, any institution needs a strategic marketing, and now, when information and communication technologies have evolved, the entire context of competition has changed, extending the possibilities of developing strategic plans. In this article, we will present some marketing strategies for educational institutions and how they can improve the image of these institutions.

Internal resources

For having success and attracting students inside an institution, the management has to present the strengths and capabilities that the respective institution has to offer. These internal resources include on one side, the efficiency and abilities of the management department, such as integration of administrative resources, financial implementation, research infrastructure, collaboration with private enterprises and so on. On the other hand, the teaching staff has to be qualified and involved in the educational progress, offering a wide range of qualifications for students, a qualitative curriculum or the possibility to participate in extracurricular activities. Therefore, an educational institution has to present what it has to offer in a very attractive and innovative way.

Institutional performance

In order to develop the strategic marketing plan, an educational institution has to perform and achieve better results. This is a very good strategic plan and it involves the staff performance, their practical experience, and skills of teaching, but at the same time, student performance, such as the employment rate of fresh graduated, the percentage of graduates pursuing further studies, the pass rate, and the overall gained knowledge. Also, we can include here the institution level performance and we can talk about institutional culture, professional curriculum development and reputation, magazine ranking and many others. All these institutional performances will definitely help the educational institution in becoming more interesting and attractive for the students.

Internet marketing

When the educational institutions deploy web strategic plans, students have the possibility to find out more about what they have to offer and learn about what is new within the institutions. The students can be attracted by ingenious ways that facilitate their search for educational and training courses and for application and admission queries. Internet usage is extending and we have the ability to connect almost anytime and anywhere, so this strategy will surely raise the interest of many students. Additionally, the educational institution will be able to become internationally known, opening the doors for various foreign students.

All the above strategic marketing are excellent ways of promoting the educational institutions and although the strategic priorities for each institution vary, all of them have to come with a strategic plan and present their values.

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