Custom Challenge Coins have always been associated with the army or with the government. They have a very rich history, and there is even a legend that says a custom coin saved the life of a soldier. The soldier in question was captured by the Germans. He escaped and ended up in French territory where he was believed to be a spy. He managed to escape execution by proving his identity with the challenge coin that he had received as a gift from his superior. Nowadays, these coins are still used in the army to reward achievements, but they have uses in many other fields as well. They can be particularly useful in a business environment, where they can serve multiple purposes.

1. Increase team spirit

Team spirit is very important in an organization. It helps people feel more relaxed and happier when they are at work, which in turn helps them have better results. If you are looking for a unique way in which to increase team spirit, consider getting some custom challenge coins. You can even stick to the challenge part to make things fun. This means that all members of the team must carry the coin at all times, and present it is another member of the team challenges them. If someone fails to present the coin upon demand, they will have to pay a round of drinks for the whole team. The drinking part will obviously happen at the next team event.

2. Reward achievements

We are all past our boy scout years when we hunted for medals to prove our worth. However, getting an official praise from a superior for great achievements is always nice. And if that praise is accompanied by a physical reward, things are even better. Obviously, financial rewards will always work best, but if you can’t always afford that, a small gift like a custom reward coin can go a long way. You can design the coin however you see fit. You can write a text on it such as “Employee of the year” or in case of a promotion, you can write the person’s name on one side of the coin and their new title on the other side.

3. Increase customer loyalty

Whether you sell products or services, it is always nice to reward your customers for their loyalty. However, in terms of customer loyalty, financial rewards are not always the best option, like they are with work rewards. Yes you can give your loyal customers a discount, and they will surely appreciate it when they place their next order, but you should try to make a deeper connection with your customers, and you can do this with custom challenge coins. Here are a few ideas, for physical stores, you can give a custom challenge coin for every order that exceeds a certain amount of money. The coin will serve as a discount card, so the customers can use it to get a discount on their next order. The trick is that this strategy forces the customers to keep the challenge coin with them at all times. Make sure the coin features the logo of your business. Another great strategy is to use the coins to give the clients some sorts of awards. Lets say that you own an online bookstore, and you have loyal customers that order books every month or several times per month. What if you were to send those customers a custom coin with their next order. The coin can read something like “Reader of the Year”. As most people take pride in their hobbies, your loyal customers will surely keep that coin and treasure it.


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