Marketing started to become more and more complicated nowadays, given the many strategies businesses can use for promoting their products and services. Actually, creating a strong visual image represents the main goal of most companies out there. A strong brand is the one that makes customers remember a company’s name, so people started to look for ways to transform that image in a visible one. Marketing strategies often involve investing in branded products. Branded products are items that are personalized to suit the company’s image. This article is going to emphasize the marketing value of personalized rubber stamps, which are often left out or ignored. They have a strong marketing power if you know how and when to use them. Here’s what you need to know:

What rubber stamps are?

Rubber stamps are items that not many people use any longer, simply because everything became digitalized. People now prefer having their stationery printed instead of making it by hand with the help of such instruments, but rubber stamps can carry a strong marketing value if used right. First of all, you should understand what rubber stamps actually are and how can they be used. Rubber stamps are handheld devices that are used with the sole purpose of inking or imprinting a message on paper or other sorts of surfaces. These rubber stamps can either be pre-inked or you can use ink separately for each print. Regarding their usage in the business world, especially in marketing, they bring stationery a very unique look, making people remember the name of the respective brand for this aspect only.

Rubber stamps and stationery

Stationery refers to all sorts of business cards, invitations or anything that’s made of paper and has the purpose to visually please potential customers. At the sight of a printed business cards people no longer bat an eye, while a business card which was imprinted with a rubber stamp has that touch of handmade to it, which makes it easier to remember. Using quality stationery is more important than people think in marketing. When people are greeted with visually pleasing stationery, they tend to remember the brand much easier compared to cheap stationery that was printed in large quantities. You can take a look at rubber stamp Singapore produces and see how effective they seem to be in the marketing world.

Social handling and the electronic millennium 

Rubber stamps represent a fresh breath of air in the electronic millennium. The fact that people took marketing to maximal digitalization is not always a good thing. Depending on the preference of people, they might enjoy holding a quality business card in their hands rather than receiving it electronically. In terms of social handling, rubber stamps can really make a difference in the way a brand is perceived and remembered. Of course, going online is easier, but it surely isn’t as impactful as physical marketing is.

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