Addiction among working professionals is on the rise. Millions of people consume illegal substances or prescription medication in an attempt to forget about what is actually troubling them. Substance abuse in the office affects everything from performance to absenteeism. Maybe you’ve noticed the signs of addiction in one of your employees. What do you do? You’ve never dealt with this kind of situation before. Avoid taking punitive action because this will only make matters worse. You should better offer the member of your team the opportunity to seek treatment. If one of your employees is in need of help, this is what you need to do.

Become well-informed

For some people, it doesn’t matter that there is a policy in place prohibiting the use of illegal substances during working hours. They do what they think is best, not realizing that they are destroying their health and doing themselves a disservice. Maybe we shouldn’t be so harsh to judge. Maybe these individuals have something going on in their lives that makes them behave the way they do. Prior to taking action, gather some resources. There must be prevention agencies that can provide you educational materials. Learn everything you can about the disease. Yes, addiction is a disease and it should be treated as such. Only after doing this can you consider holistic treatment centers. Find out everything you can about addiction and proceed with caution.

Have a private conversation with the employee

Addiction can be harmful to your business, which is the reason why should address the situation as soon as possible. Have a private chat with the employee. Nobody needs to know what is going on. Ask them whether they have taken illegal substances or prescription medication during working hours and encourage honesty. Make it clear that there will be no repercussions. If the staff member admits their mistake, urge them to get help. You’re the last person from whom they want to get advice of this kind, but it’s necessary. In Johnny Tabaie’s opinion, being an entrepreneur means dealing with stress. And what situation is more stressful than when your employee suffers from substance abuse disorder?

Find a rehab center for your employee

You’ve had plenty of time to research drug rehabilitation centers. If you haven’t got to this yet, start looking for one right now. There are many options for detoxification, which is a good thing. More and more rehab centers are adopting holistic healing. What does holistic mean, anyway? It’s a belief that the systems of the body are whole entities. Therefore, holistic rehab centers concentrate on the body, mind, and spirit. Some benefits of holistic addiction treatment include a caring and compassionate environment and long-term success. Wouldn’t it be simpler to replace the employee? Yes, but it would cost you more money. You’ll be able to come up with the money necessary for the therapy. Holistic treatment isn’t that expensive, in spite of the fact that it’s so effective. Just think about it. Do you really want to lose a faithful employee?

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