As a businessperson you already know that competitive analysis is one of the most important factors in running your firm and see where you company is positioned. But, you may not have all the details you need, and you may not know where to start from. The first thing you have to know as business manager is that your company is influenced by a multitude of external factors, as competitive environment, alongside with the internal ones. These factors have to be considered when you are creating the strategic plan of your company. However, before analyzing the factors, you should know that competitive pricing analysis requires knowing the nature and number of the competitors that might threat your firm, being it directly or indirectly. This type of analysis can provide you, as entrepreneur, a clear understanding of the marketplace conditions and even help your company refine your strategic directions. If you want to know more about competitive pricing analysis take a look below.

It is useful in the product development process

Your company is in a continual race with the other providers of services from the market to develop a new blockbuster product. It does not matter the domain in which you provide services and products, all of them are highly competitive industries and you can gain tremendous advantages if you learn what your competitors improve and develop for their product releases. If you know, the directions your competitors plan to take their services, you can come with a plan on what products you should develop in order to trump your competitors in terms of quality, functionality and price.

The analysis makes you aware of market gaps

When using this type of analysis strategic planners have the possibility to develop matrixes that help them detect the underserved or unserved gaps of the market. If you have a competitors map, you will have access on the unique service models they provide. For example, from competitive price analysis you can find that the majority of your competitors charge high prices for high quality products, but the bargain segment of the market is underserved. Also, through this type of analysis you can have access to geographic competitor maps, which are extremely useful for you if your business is a retail store, restaurant or other type of brick-and-mortar establishment. In this way, you will find if there are areas where there is not a business similar to yours.

You can have an idea of the market trends

If you ask, a professional company to offer you a competitive market analysis, you will have access to information regarding the brand trends of the marketplace. In this way, you are able to spot different opportunities for bringing your services and products on the market. You will have the opportunity to differentiate your products from the ones already existent on the market, because in the majority of cases going against the grain can attract a great number of customers. You should focus on selling value and benefits rather than services and products.

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