Several studies regarding individual performance visa-vise office environment, show that an optimal temperature in any office is around 23.5 degrees Celsius. If you want to learn more about the ideal temperature for an optimal office performance, you should read the following lines.

Indoor environmental conditions influence our health and productivity. Moreover, if you are working in an office, the air temperature has a strong effect on working performance. These days, most studies show that a proper temperature for an optimal productivity is between 21 degrees and 23.5 degrees Celsius. Actually, the employee performance starts to diminish when office temperatures rise above this because id a person’s blood temperature start to rise above 39 degrees, he can have a collapse or a heat stroke. Moreover, if the temperature is above 41 degrees, people in that office can present delirium or confusion.

On the other hand, if the office temperature is lower that is should be, the employees can have headaches, eye irritation, fatigue, throat irritation, tiredness and lack of concentration. Furthermore, the thermal comfort in any office environment is also affected by radiant heat sources such as electronics and heaters, not just by the air temperature.

Nowadays, most business owners choose to install infrared heaters and tower fans which can provide their employees with a proper thermal comfort. For example, an infrared heater is a unit with a higher temperature, which has the ability to transfer energy to a body with a lower temperature by using some electromagnetic radiation. Nowadays, plenty of employers are opting to install infrared heaters into their offices due to their innovative features. The infrared heaters are silent, healthy and they provide everyone with a comfortable and gentle source of warmth. Moreover, they are usually used because they don’t add any type of pollutants in the office.

Actually, they work without open flames, fuel lines or any carbon combustion. Furthermore, if you are thinking about placing an infrared heater into your office, you should know that is a cost effective unit. As such, you can get super efficient heating for a very low cost. However, if you think that an infrared heater cannot satisfy your needs, you can opt for a tower fan. These types of units are environmentally friendly and help you save energy and resources. Moreover, a tower fan comes with a nice design and a setting program. You should also know that this device is portable, easy to use and provide you with the desired temperature.

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