The hotel industry is a profitable one, especially in the areas with a high touristic character. Nevertheless, starting a hotel is a soliciting task, and those not knowing how they should approach this type of business will be having a harder time putting all things in order. However, we have some pieces of advice, starting with the relevance of hiring a reputable hotel PR agency, and continuing with more specific aspects.

Collaborate with a public relations agency from the beginning

While many consider that the public relations department of a business is based on community relations, public affairs, investor relationships and so on, they truly impact the way in which you interact with your audience and clients. Clients want a story and PR services can create that story for you in order to influence how they perceive you. Marketing your business in an advantageous fashion, many thought of calling these services “Target Market Relations” or TMR. When you want to make an announcement or advertise a new product or service, these agencies will do the hard work of communicating with the targeted audience. Many are unaware, but these agencies can help even with the smallest details, such as introducing a new course on your daily menu or changing the check-in/check-out hours. Considering the advantages brought by these services, it would be a great idea to invest in them.

Consider the external factors that influence the industry

Your hotel’s performance in the industry will certainly be affected by several factors that are out of your control. Those factors would be:

  • The number of inbound trips by non-residents, in other words the trends of international travelling tendencies.
  • The number of domestic trips by residents. The number of domestic travels that residents have in a year, including the business trips and the nights spent away from home in their incursions.
  • Consumer confidence index. This refers to how consumer confidence dynamic changes in terms of travelling patterns, such as spending patterns on accommodation and entertainment.
  • The consumer spending trends. When consumers choose to spend more money in general, they are more likely to invest them in travel and accommodation.

Although these are all external factors, a great PR approach might help a hotel business owner to change them in their advantage.

Consider the investment necessities

The key investments a hotel business owner has to make in order to create a profitable business are:

  • Investments such as beddings and room supplies are the main expenses in the industry.
  • From hotel management, to room service staff, your employees must be paid an advantageous amount monthly in order to provide better services and deter their migration to your competitors.
  • Rent and utilities. Even if you own the building in which you run your business, utilities might reach somewhere about 5% of your profit.
  • Other expenses. Here you can fit in marketing costs, and other costs that players in the industry generally have to make in order to maintain their business profitable.

These are some pieces of advice for those who want to make a forceful entrance in the hotel industry. Make sure you invest in PR services as well, since they are the foundation of a shining image and high profits.

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